There are patterns in the way we live our lives and do our work. These patterns are automatic with us. All things being equal, they determine the level of success we enjoy in our work.

We call these patterns habits – things we do repeatedly, regularly and most time, without consciously thinking about them.

There are certain truths about habits we need to know if we are going to be able to cultivate habits of success in doing our work.


The first truth is that it is not possible to run our lives without habits. They are a part and parcel of our lives. Many of our routine activities are habitual – when we sleep, what we eat, how we work, etc. As a matter of fact our lives are outcomes of our habits.

The second truth is that our habits form the basis of our success or failure. Becoming successful in our work becomes easier when we have good habits. Which means if we are going to succeed at anything in life we have to develop good habits that will bring us success.

The third truth is that good habits that help us succeed can be cultivated. Good habits can be acquired. We can learn and integrate them into the way we do our work. Although this will take effort on out part.

If our lives are run by habits. If habits are important to our success in life. If good habits can be cultivated. Then the question is how do we do that?


Never do your work for the sake of doing it.

Your work is for a purpose. It does not stand alone. It is connected to other things. Which means that there is much more than your work at stake. You should do your work with this knowledge. Just like every other thing, the work you do is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. It is a build block in the scheme of things, serving as a stepping stone that will lead further on to give fuller expression to your life and what you are about.

Never do your work just to get to the end of it.

There is a process to your work. Be mindful of this process. Pay attention to it. The fun and the transformation your work is about lies within this process. When you violate the process you earn yourself a negative kind of result. So, stop trying to get through what you do just for the sake of getting through. Getting to the end of what you do is not the ultimate goal.

Never do your work the way average people do theirs.

In doing your work you have two options. You can do your work like every average person does his work. Or you can do it better. The question is how do you do it better? You can do less than the minimum. You can do just the minimum. And you can do more than the minimum. When you do your work always do more than the minimum. Take the initiate to go a step further. If it is worth doing then it is worth doing well.

Never do your work without your heart in it.

Putting your heart into what you do is an important element in making a success of it. This is what determines the kind of attitude and the level of commitment you are are going to have towards your work. To work with your heart is to work with enthusiasm, to respect the work you do and care deeply about it. Every time you choose to do something worthwhile always make sure your heart is it. It does make a difference.

Never do your work without the required preparation.

Preparation is the energy you invest to create a conducive atmosphere for the result you want to achieve.. When you are prepared you create a condition for performance. Preparation also does something on the inside of you giving you a belief that the objectives of your work is achievable. This is one habit you cannot overlook.


Remember it is your duty to be successful. And, the kind of habits you embrace will determine the extent to which you are able to do that. When you work with the right habits success is not farfetched.

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