” Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.” ~ Peter F. Drucker.


Let me start by defining opportunities. Opportunity is the coming together of various situations in our lives that provide a favorable condition for achieving an objective.

When we come into an opportunity it empowers us to do that which we may not have been able to do before.

Opportunity puts you in a right atmosphere to make your dream come true. This is why they are important and this is why we need to be able to see them for what they are.


We don’t know what opportunities are. 

How do you recognize something you don’t know?

Imagine if you have never seen me before and you need to pick me up at the airport how are you not going to miss me? There is need for us to know what opportunities are so that when we see them we can easily recognize them. It is easy to miss an opportunity if you don’t know what it looks like. Opportunities can come as work. stumbling block., misfortune, temporary defeat, success, etc. One question that shows glaring availability of opportunity is to ask yourself what can I do with this situation? The answer is a key to your opportunity.

We are looking for a particular kind of opportunity. Opportunities are diverse. And, they can show up in many different ways. Sometimes we are bent on a particular kind of opportunity because of our peculiar situation. We think getting a particular kind of opportunity is what we need to move forward. And, because of this obsession we are not sensitive to other opportunities hovering around us. Opportunities do not  come with their values stamped on their faces. Until an opportunity is accessed you cannot say how far it can take you. That is why we need to position ourselves to take advantage of other opportunities that may come to us even if they don’t look like what we are looking for.

We have no goal. 

Goals are the agencies that make opportunities visible. Goals make you blind to everything in your surround except what you are seeking after. Goals focus your attention on the objective you are pursuing. And so when opportunities come along that direction it becomes easy to recognize such opportunities and take advantage of them. The truth is opportunities are goal sensitive. They create favorable conditions for achieving specific goals. That is why when you define your goals and do the work you stumble on favorable conditions along your path that will help you achieve these goals. But, when you don’t have goals no such conditions will show up for you.

We have given up on life that anything good can happen to us. 

One of the worse state anyone can be is to be in a state of hopelessness. When you give up on life you stop trying. You stop setting goals. You stop making effort. Even when opportunities knock at your door you will refuse to take them because you have concluded they are not useful. No matter how big such opportunities are you miss them because you have made up your mind not to use them. You need to understand that we are all going through stuff. And, being hopeful that the turn of events will favor you is a state of mind you need if you will have the confidence to participate effectively in life. So, never stop trying.

We have done no preparation towards any objectives. 

This is the agency that empowers you to use the opportunities that come across you. Preparation suggests you have an objective you are pursuing because nobody prepares in a vacuum. Opportunities will come with respect to this objective. But, expect you are prepare those opportunities will be missed. And, opportunity that is not used eventually dies. This is the reason preparation is key because it gives you the requirement you need to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

We cannot cross the dots. 

Resourcefulness- the ability to create something out of seemingly nothing that can help usher in different dimension of opportunity in our lives. When people lack resourcefulness they cannot think creatively or generate ideas to help them levitate from their present position to the next.  Most of the time the problem is not lack of opportunity but lack of resourcefulness – crossing the dot and uncovering solutions and finding alternatives. Not allowing barriers or failure to keep you on the same spot. The common characteristics of people that are resourceful is that they are open minded and imaginative. When you are not open minded you will not be able to see how two situation can merge to produce the next big thing in your life.


Jackson Brown (Jnr.) said, “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” Opportunities are too valuable and too important to waste because when you miss an opportunity to make a difference you may never have it come to you again.

When we use our opportunities it changes the story for us. Suddenly we have an advantage we don’t have before.  So, seize your opportunities.


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