There are a few things that determines our success in life. One of those is the set of positive decisions we make everyday.

These decisions on their own don’t make us successful. There is a key we need to apply to them if we are going to see the required result.


To face and fix their problems.

The advantages of problems is that problems make us matter. WIth problems you grow, you wake up to life. Successful people put problems in proper perspective. They face their problems and fix it. Unsuccessful complain about their problems. They cannot understand why they have to face such scenario.

To master their potential.

In a way life is a potential to gain. There is more out there waiting for you. The question is if there is more to life why do people settle? Why do people rest on their oars? Why do they get to a point and stop growing? It boils down to one thing. They cannot see they have much to offer. Successful people see their potential and they make effort to mine it.

To use their opportunities.

Peter F. Drucker said, ” Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.” But, again and again we miss opportunities. This is because we are looking for a particular kind of opportunity. And, so we set no goal and make no preparation for life. Successful people set their goals – make their preparation – and use the opportunities life gives them.

To manage their health.

Your health is important because your health determines whether you will have the strength to live your life and do your work. When we find ourselves in bad state of health we won’t be able to make the efforts that will turn dreams into a reality. So, manage your health. Watch what you eat, because you are what you eat. Exercise well. Sleep well.

 To grow.

Growth is to master more of yourself. The way you do this is to put themselves in situations where you are forced to use your abilities. Successful people know this and that is why they always make effort to produce something. In this way they learn and become more. Unsuccessful people run after finish products to satisfy their desires.

 To keep the right company.

Your life averages out to the standard and status of the company you keep. This is not surprising since It is not possible to see life beyond your closest allies. This is why successful people will make a choice to be around the right set of people. They know that your company affects their thoughts, their attitudes and ultimately their actions.

 To be productive with their time.

Everybody has 24 hours in a day to be productive. Not more. Not less. What remains after your 24 hours is over is what you have done with it. Most time how you spend the first few hours of your waking moment is what determines how well you are going to use your 24 hours. Successful people know and they make effort to start their day on good ground.


Successful people don’t make these decisions a few days. They don’t make them a few months. They make them a lifestyle.

Except we are ready to continue in these decisions long enough we will never see the result that successful people see.

Continuity is to repeat or maintain an action. The importance of continuity is that it acts as the difference between starting and getting to point where we begin to see results in what we are doing.

If we are going to master this KEY of continuity there are three things we need to put in place.

  1. We need a system. A system is a support structure. Without a support structure nothing succeeds. Whatever result you see there is always something behind it that is making it to work. This is your support structure.
  2. We need a community. A community is an amazing reservoir of resources. And, you have this at your disposal. There is so much you can do on your own. This is where community comes. Every result you see in life is a community effort.
  3. We need a context. This is a set of things that determines meaning. Why make these decisions? Except you go beyond yourself to include others you won’t have the motivation to continue in those decisions.


Priority talks about what is important. Priority talks about what counts. Good decisions are what count.

Remember, There is a snowball effect to every decision we make. When we repeat an action based on a decision severely it will accumulate into a positive or negative change.