Every man has more locked up in him than he is aware of. Nothing may seem interesting about him. but he can be more, better and greater. He has it in him to cause change to happen.
A better us is in us. We are more than the image we behold in the mirror.
A better version of ourselves does not come out of nothing. To become more, better and greater we need to grow. Growth gives us the capacity to be more than we are now and to achieve more.
Growth is an expansion in our capacity and knowledge. It is a stretching of our mind.
How does a man grow and bring out his potential? In what way does he become a better version of himself and bring out the beautiful locked up in what he is now?
Learning is the key to growth. It is knowledge and skill that comes through studying and practice.

Our learning depends on our thinking. As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.’ Says the Bible. That truism sums up the relationship between our thinking and what we become. Again and again, it is evident no man rises above the kinds of thought he entertains.
Thinking learning will not add to us.
As people, we won’t do anything that will not add to us. We are mindful to avoid such.
Learning adds to us, improves our performance and enhances our result. If what we are learning is within the context of our purpose, we should go ahead with it.
Thinking learning will take time.
To learn to do anything takes time if it is important. Many people think they don’t have the time to learn what they need to learn. But, this is not true.
We always have time for what is important to us. We need to treat our learning as important. because without it we will not experience growth.
Thinking we lack the ability to learn.
Experience shows we need ability to do anything at all we want to do. If we hold the thinking we lack the ability to learn we won’t even try to learn.
The truth is ability shows up when we give something a trial. So, we cannot say we cannot do something except we attempt to do it.
Thinking trying new things is unnecessary.
We learn when we try our hands on new things. We should not develop cold feet when given opportunity to try new thing
Trying new things expand our knowledge and enhanced our competence. It grows us and make us mature.
Thinking failure is unacceptable.
The emotion of fear is terrible. Most time we give in to it because to us failure is a curse and not a blessing. We have to fail to learn.
Failure is part of the process of learning. We must embrace it if we want to learn. Failure gives us the opportunity to start over again in a more intelligent way.
Thinking opportunity to learn will present itself again.
I have seen people who let slip opportunity to learn. This happens when we allow the thinking that we will have another time to learn whatever it is we are to learn.
My take is to never make an exception. I have seen times without number that when we make an exception it becomes the norm.
Thinking learning makes us look foolish.
When we hold the thinking that we will look foolish before others. And, we do not want to suffer any embarrassment before others. So, we shrink from putting our best foot forward. Many times we are going to look foolish, amateurish and unskilled. This is especially so if we have not done that thing before.
Many people do all they can do to avoid facing embarrassment. Sometimes in the bid to learn we will miss it and suffer ridicule. This is normal.
For our learning to be effective it requires structure. Learning is not for the sake of learning. Learning should be in the context of our purpose and ability. This is what makes us more, better and greater.
Remember, our thinking will become our lives. We must accept learning as a way to reaching the best of our abilities.
To become the best in life we need to feel a dissatisfaction with the way things are, and think something more.