Life is uncertain. And, there is nothing that says the effort you are making will produce a positive result. It can go either way. This is why we do the things we do for hope. Hope that what we are doing will produce a positive result and not otherwise.

There are different roles we play in life. The role I am zeroing in here is the role of the creatives.
When it comes to playing our roles as creatives, we tend to tread cautiously. This is because of this uncertainty in life. We will never try many things wholeheartedly if we continue to have a cautious approach to life. We will never give that speech, launch that product, or do that gig.

Confidence Is not a skill you learn. It is a state of your mind. A state that gives you mental assurance about your creative role. When we have confidence we are able to do more of what we are capable of doing.
So, the question is where does confidence come from? How is it generated? Now, one sure way confidence comes is by taking action. Whenever you have a creative role to play – a goal to pursue don’t sit still on it. Take action. Create goals for this role. And, starting acting. Acting on your goals is what gives you confidence.
Taking Actions Gives You Clarity.
You may not have a clear cut picture of your role until you start acting on it. And, taking necessary actions in his role is what gives this clarity. Without clarity you are going to be hesitant. You are going to be unsure what your next action should be.
At the beginning you may be low on confidence. But, as you start acting out your role you will start to develop familiarity with that role. You will start to know the rope and the scope. And your confidence will start going up.
The more you act the more clearer this picture of your role becomes. Until you get to a point you have no inhibition about stepping out in that role.
Taking Actions Gives You Results.
Result means your track record, your string of successes. Certain things that have gone your way.
When the article you recently published has gone viral. When you are closing sales left, right and center. When things are working for you. You are going to have a kind of confidence that emanates from these successes.
Remember the story of David in the Bible. Do you know why David had so much confidence to push forward against Goliath? His strings of successes. He had killed lions. He had killed bears. So, he had this assurance Goliath will be like one of them.
So, take actions because the more result you have the more confidence you become.
Taking Actions Gives You Experience.
Experience comes from the things you do. And, experience gives you belief – a firm resolve you will find a way to achieve what you set out to achieve.
Belief is what lifts you above your fear and self defeatism. It evokes in you a mental assurance in the possibility of what you are doing.
When you don’t have a strong mental assurance of the achievability of your objectives you give in. This makes you not to be able to use the latents and the abilities you have.
This is how confidence comes – taking actions on our roles. The truth is confidence is like building muscles. The more work out you do the more your biceps get bigger. The same way the more you put yourself in a position where you always act on your goals the more confident you are.
With confidence you are more likely to succeed at your role. This is because confidence makes you think you can do something. So you are not afraid to perform at the level you are capable of. This is why you need it in your role.