An artist is someone who builds, creates and shares something to change something for good. This is the basic definition of who an artist is.


She is a marketer.

Marketing is about branding yourself. It is about the narratives you tell people.

She knows marketing is about elevating her message above the noise around her.

She builds meaningful connections. She puts her work in the hands of the people that need it.

This is what marketing is – connecting and being helpful. She does this because she knows doing it causes her work to spread.

She is a teacher.

A teacher shows you what is important. She shows you how things work. She helps find the tools you need to create the change you want.

This is what an artist does. She takes you by the hand and leads you in the direction that you should go.

She is a researcher.

Every work an artist puts out there contains a message. It could be a message of life or death. The difference is in the amount of research the artist is willing to do.

An artist investigates for relevant information. She investigates for needed tools. She investigates her target audience – taking a careful look at who she pitching to. This is what research is about.

And, this gives her understanding and helps her collect more ideas than she will need. This gathering of ideas gives her option in the work she does.

She is a writer.

An artist puts her message down in written form. She writes a shitty draft and makes it shippable.

The most important draft for an artist is her first draft. Because it sets the ball rolling. It gives her power and the leverage to move on to her second and her third draft. She does this until what she has written is good enough.

An artist writes with lots of thinking through her content. This clears her thought to produce a good piece.

She is a reader.

Preparation is key to succeeding at anything you choose to do. An athlete wakes up every morning to practice. To the athlete, practicing is a way to prepare.

For an artist, reading is the way she prepares. when she reads it expands her mind, stabilizes her ability and conditions her to think like an artist.

Reading goes beyond books. She feasts her eyes on materials everywhere – billboards, manuals, handbills, etc.

Reading wide, deep and long, renders her familiar with what it takes to do your work.

She is an entrepreneur.

If you are proud of your work then you will not allow it to sit still gathering dust. You will make it profitable.

This is what an artist does. She is proud and confident of her work, so she builds a process around it.

Creating the necessary portfolio to make it profitable.

She is a talented salesperson.

An artist writes not as an end in itself. She finds a way to turn her content into meaningful products.

These products come in the form of audio interviews, worksheets, e-course, e-books, etc.

Doing this helps to create potential income.

She is a social consultant.

An artist possesses knowledge, skills, and experience. These she uses to help others.

She shares secrets to winning and succeeding at living.

She does this through her consultancy.

She is a leader.

The work of an artist is a generous work. And, doing this kind of work that an artist does take self-discipline, sacrifice and hard work.

This is what an artist takes responsibility to do. And this is what being a leader means.

She does her work not because it is convenient, but so she can add value to her tribe.


The joy of doing our work comes from the value we bring into the lives we touch from day to day. When you wear these hats it gives you an edge in your work

If you are going to do work that brings value, one new rule as an artist is to wear one or a combination of these hats..