The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you ship something.

Hello, my name is Agbana Olorunfemi, I live in Ogun state, Nigeria with my wife and three lovely kids.

Welcome to my blogĀ  – www.chaptersonlife.com. On this blog I share my best work on better living.

I believe we all have a calling – a life assignment – a work of art to express.

Here, I try to let people see there is meaning to life and how they can find the strength within themselves to live it out.

If you have a passion for doing meaningful work in life this is the blog for you.

I actually publish one article per week to give us time to consume what is on ground.

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Some of my blog posts include:

* Where does confidence come from?

* How you make meaning.

* What sometime stops us.

* Why people miss opportunities.

* A killer instinct.

* The power of identity.

* A key common to successful people.

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